What is a CPA?

What does a CPA do?

What is the difference between certified public accountants (CPAs) and
accountants? If I get an audit by the IRS, can either of them represent me?

How do I know if I can do my own taxes or if I need to consult a certified public accountant?

Should I consult a CPA if I am starting a new business?

How much should I have withheld out of my paycheck?

Are there things I should consider before I talk to you about being my CPA?

How can Clark & Anderson serve me or my business?

What is the benefit of working with Clark & Anderson?

How can Clark & Anderson help my family and me?

How can Clark & Anderson help me as a taxpayer?

How can Clark & Anderson help me as a business owner?

Is Clark & Anderson available to me throughout the year?

Are my personal and business documents kept confidential?


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