Business Growth & Profitability

We can help you formulate your business goals and objectives and create a plan to achieve them. In the business planning process, we can assist you with organizational structure, developing plans for managing growth, debt management techniques, projecting capital requirements, and more. We will work with you in the preparation of budgets, projections, and financial forecasts. We can also assist you with your internal accounting software to generate financial statements for decision-making. This process can consist of, but is not limited to the following:

  • Planning day: business development & strategy session
  • Cash flow & forecasts
  • Improving workflow
  • Budgeting
  • Personal goal setting sessions

Tax Planning & Preparation

Tax advising, planning and preparation are available to ensure that you are paying the least possible amount pursuant to the applicable tax code. Throughout the year, we will continually monitor tax law changes that may affect you, recommend tax savings strategies and serve as your advocate in tax matters. These services include:

  • Individual tax planning and preparation
  • Corporate tax planning and preparation
  • Estate and trust planning and preparation
  • Non-Profit return preparation
  • Federal and state tax representation
  • Tax Research

Audit & Assurance

Accurate financial statements are the foundation of building a successful business. Our specialized professionals are available to meet our client’s needs from preparation of financial statements to higher-level assurance services for a variety of businesses and non-profit organizations. These services include:

  • Preparation of Financial Statements
  • Compilation of Financial Statements
  • Review of Financial Statements
  • Audit of Financial Statements (Including audits under Government Auditing Standards and OMB Circular A-133 Single Audit)
  • Audits of Employee Benefit Plans
  • Compliance and payroll audits
  • Agreed-upon procedure engagements, Attestation(examinations & reviews)

Payroll Preparation

Let us take care of your payroll and ensure that the proper taxes and deductions are withheld. Preparation also includes quarterly payroll reports and year-end processing, including W-2’s. direct deposit, EFTPS. Custom reports are available upon request.

Estate Administration & Planning

We are here to help you plan your estate rather than leaving things to chance. Plan now so that you can maximize what you leave to your beneficiaries rather than paying excessive tax. Our services include:

  • Estate Tax Planning
  • Estate Administration Consulting
  • Determination of and preparation of required tax fillings (Estate Tax returns and/or Fiduciary Income Tax Returns)
  • Assistance in identifying includable assets and tracking
  • Estate and trust bookkeeping

Peer Review

We perform Firm-On-Firm peer reviews for System Reviews and Engagement Reviews. We are qualified to review firms that perform engagements subject to:

  • Government Auditing Standards (GAS)
  • Employment Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA)
  • Statements on Auditing Standards (SAS)
  • Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements (SSAEs)
  • Statements on Standard for Accounting and Reviews Services (SSARS)

We have specialized knowledge in the Not-for-Profit, Single Audit Act, Government Contractors and Professional Service Industries. We have served on the Maryland Peer Review board, now known as Coastal Peer Review, Inc. since its inception.